Synchronized Skating
City of Origin: Saint-Léonard
Team Les Supremes Junior
Year of foundation:
Number of Skaters in team roster: 19
Team Members range year of birth: 2002 to 2007
Club: C.P.A. Saint-Léonard
Internet / Social Media contact:
Coach: Marilyn Langlois, Pascal Denis, Kassandra Patenaude
Choreographer: Marilyn Langlois, Pascal Denis
Team Manager: Lorraine Rodeck
Practice low season: 12 h/week Roberto Luongo Arena
Practice high season: 12 h/week Roberto Luongo Arena
Music Short Program as of season 2021/2022
Dark Für Elise by Ludwig van Beethoven
Für Elise (Epic Trailer Version) by Ludwig van Beethoven perf. by Olson, Daniel Austin
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2021/2022
Inside (feat. Red Rosamond)
Radioactive by Dan & Sermon Reynolds,  Kate Macy Wayne
A Track of the Mind by Stuart Roslyn
Strictly Taboo by Stuart Roslyn
Personal Best Total Score 192.36 19.03.2022 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program 68.79 18.03.2022 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating 123.57 19.03.2022 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2022
14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22
World Championship                
World Juniors 3  1  6  4  6  6    5 
National Championship                
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
French Cup 2014, Rouen 2014 3.J Mozart Cup 2018, Salzburg 2018 3.J
French Cup 2015, Rouen 2015 1.J Lumiere Cup 2018, Eindhoven 2018 1.J
French Cup 2016, Rouen 2016 1.J Leon Lurje Trophy 2019, Göteborg 2019 6.J
Leon Lurje Trophy 2017, Göteborg 2017 1.J Lumiere Cup 2019, Eindhoven 2019 3.J
Sarah CHAIBI, Léanne CHARETTE, Ke-Erl Constance CHEN, Tiffany COONES PEDREIRA, Charlie FOREST, Victoria GIMENEZ, Emma GRENIER, Olympia KALAGANIS, Josephine KAWA, Maxine LACHAPELLE, Audrey LANDRY, Emma LEBLANC, Gabriella MUSI, Frederique RICHARD, Simona RONCA, Frederique SAVARD, Minel SENSES, Daniela VERELLI, Xavier DION-LACASSE
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