Synchronized Skating
City of Origin: Saint-Léonard
Team Les Supremes Junior
Year of foundation:
Number of Skaters in team roster: 20
Team Members range year of birth: 2004 to 2008
Club: C.P.A. Saint-Léonard
Internet / Social Media contact: Facebook:
Instagram: lessupremesjunior
Coach: Marilyn Langlois, Pascal Denis, Laurie Désilets 
Choreographer: Marilyn Langlois, Pascal Denis 
Team Manager: Lorraine Rodeck 
Practice low season: 10 h/week Montreal
Practice high season: 10 h/week Montreal
Music Short Program as of season 2023/2024
Hide and Seek by Klergy & Mindy Jones
Ready or Not Here I Come (feat. Cheesa) by District 78
Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2023/2024
Genius by Hans Zimmer
Einstein Tech N9ne by Tech N9ne
Noble Thoughts and Deeds by Lorne Balle
Albert Einstein’s Quotes by Various
Genius (feat. Lil Wayne, Sia, Diplo & Labrinth) by LSD
Theory of Light by Eternal Eclipse
Season Best Total Score 205.14 16.03.2024 ISU World Junior Synchronized Championships 2024
Season Best Score Short Program 74.95 10.02.2024 ISU CS SYS Marie Lundmark Trophy 2024
Season Best Score Free Skating 131.13 16.03.2024 ISU World Junior Synchronized Championships 2024
16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22 22/23 23/24
World Championship                
World Juniors 6  4  6  6    5  5  1 
National Championship                
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
Lumiere Cup 2018, Eindhoven 2018 1.J ISU CS SYS Leon Lurje Trophy 2023, Frölundaborg, Gothenburg 2023 2.J
Leon Lurje Trophy 2019, Göteborg 2019 6.J ISU CS SYS Spring Cup 2023, Sesto San Giovanni 2023 2.J
Lumiere Cup 2019, Eindhoven 2019 3.J ISU CS SYS PGE Hevelius Cup 2024, Gdansk 2024 3.J
ISU CS SYS French Cup 2020, Rouen 2020 7.J ISU CS SYS Marie Lundmark Trophy 2024, Helsinki 2024 1.J
Madisson ANGERS, Emilie BELIVEAU, Alexandra BOURDAGES, Ke-Erl Constance CHEN, Aliana DELL’OREFICE, Maelle GIBEAULT, Victoria GIMENEZ, Emma GRENIER, Olympia KALAGANIS, Maxine LACHAPELLE, Jade LEMIRE, Megan LUCARELLI, Justine MERCIER, Simona MONTANARO, Gabriella MUSI, Sabrina NOISEUX, Jennifer PASSARELLI, Emma PELLERIN, Frederique RICHARD, Rosie SPATARI
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