Synchronized Skating
City of Origin: Brisbane
Team Iceskateers Elite Junior
Year of foundation: 2004
Number of Skaters in team roster: 20
Team Members range year of birth: 2001 to 2006
Club: Queensland Synchronized Iceskating Club
Internet / Social Media contact:
Coach: Hayley Marcovich
Choreographer: Hayley Marcovich
Team Manager: Kerrie Cox
Practice low season: 4 h/week Brisbane AUS
Practice high season: 4 h/week Brisbane AUS
Music Short Program as of season 2021/2022
Hip by Mamamoo and Hwasa
Maria by Hwasa
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2021/2022
Greased Lightning (from Grease) by John Travolota - Warren Casey, Jim Jacobs
Born to Hand Jive (from Grease) by Warren Casey, Jim Jacobs
We Go Together (from Grease) by John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John - Warren Casey, Jim Jacobs
Greased Lightning (from Grease) by John Travolta - Warren Casey, Jim Jacobs
Personal Best Total Score 92.21 14.03.2020 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Short Program 29.22 13.03.2020 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2020
Personal Best Score Free Skating 62.99 14.03.2020 ISU World Junior SYS Championships 2020
14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22
World Championship                
World Juniors 17        20  13    22 
National Championship                
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2011, Zagreb 2011 2.J Neuchatel Trophy 2018, Neuchâtel 2018 6.J
Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2017, Zagreb 2017 4.J Leon Lurje Trophy 2018, Göteborg 2018 12.J
23rd Spring Cup 2017, Sesto San Giovanni 2017 5.J The Steel Trophy 2020, Sheffield 2020 3.J
Saranna ARGENT, Alisha BOGE, Renee BONNER-JERRETT, Kyra CHENG, Annabel COX, Alice EBINGER, Jade ERNST, Saoirsa IRELAND, Diana KEARNEY, Ada LACEY, Naomi LI, Ella LIDSTONE, Madeliene MCCABE, Ella MCCAULEY, Hidaya RANE, Emma ROBINSON, Adelle WANG, Michelle WANG, Kiara WILLIAMSON, Mark WARIS
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