Date of birth: 04.01.2002
Annely VAHI
Place of birth: Tallinn
Height: 166 cm
Home town: Tallinn
Profession: high school student
Hobbies: singing
Start sk. / Club: 2006 / Olympic FSC
Internet / Social Media contact: Instagram: annelyvahi
Coach: Elena Glebova
Choreographer: Elena Glebova
Former Coach: Irina Frolova
Practice low season: 20 h/week Tallinn
Practice high season: 20 h/week Tallinn
Music Short Program as of season 2017/2018
Maria de Buenos Aires by Astor Piazzolla
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2017/2018
La La Land (soundtrack) by Justin Hurwitz
12/13 13/14 14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20
Olympic Games                
World Championship                
European Championship                
Four Continents                
World Juniors                
National Championship         3.S  5.S    6.S 
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
31st Volvo Open Cup 2016, Riga 2016 2.J ISU CS Finlandia Trophy 2017, Espoo 2017 14.
Tallinn Trophy 2016, Tallinn 2016 12.J ISU JGP Egna/Neumarkt 2017, Egna 2017 17.J
Coupe de Printemps 2017, Kockelscheuer 2017 2.J ISU CS Tallinn Trophy 2017, Tallinn 2017 21.
ISU CS Lombardia Trophy 2017, Bergamo 2017 21. Tallink Hotels Cup 2020, Tallinn 2020 8.
Vahi is a professional singer and sings the female part in her Free Skating music (La La Land). Coach Elena Glebova is a 7-time National Champion of Estonia and a three-time Olympian.
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