Synchronized Skating
City of Origin: Chicago, IL
Team Starlights Junior
Year of foundation: 2000
Number of Skaters in team roster: 11
Team Members range year of birth: 2005 to 2007
Club: Starlights Skating Teams
Internet / Social Media contact: Facebook: @StarlightsSynch
Instagram: @StarlightsSynch
Twitter: @StarlightsSynch
Coach: Heather Paige, Jenny Cherry
Choreographer: Heather Paige, Kate McSwain
Team Manager: Kristin Adamczyk
Practice low season: 5 h/week Buffalo Grove, IL
Practice high season: 9 h/week Chicagoland, IL
Music Short Program as of season 2023/2024
Wednesday Main Titles by Danny Elfman
Paint it Black by Danny Elfman, Wednesday  - Danny Elfman
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2023/2024
Welcome to the Jungle by Tommee Profitt, Fleurie, Lauren Strahm
Yibambe! by Ludwig Göransson, Ngawang Samphel
16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22 22/23 23/24
World Championship                
World Juniors     7           
National Championship                
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
Cup of Berlin 2018, Berlin 2018 2.J The Britannia Cup 2020, Nottingham 2020 2.J
French Cup 2018, Rouen 2018 5.J Tissot Neuchatel Trophy 2022, Neuchatel 2022 3.J
Leon Lurje Trophy 2019, Göteborg 2019 3.J Britannia Cup 2023, Nottingham 2023 3.J
Zagreb Snowflakes 2019, Zagreb 2019 2.J Hevelius Cup 2023, Gdansk 2023 5.J
Eshana Taylor BARRETT, Sydney Marie BOGUMIL, Isabella Marie CHERRY, Mia Candyce EICKBUSH, Caroline Penelope KENDALL, Haley Rose LEBIECKI, Adrielle Ha-Neul LEE, Julia SETA, Kelsey Rayna SHAH, Sydney Elizabeth TIERNAN, Gracelyn Irene ZAHARIAS
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