Synchronized Skating
City of Origin:
Team Image Junior
Year of foundation:
Number of Skaters in team roster: 20
Team Members range year of birth: 2003 to 2006
Internet / Social Media contact:  
Personal Best Total Score 166.48 15.01.2022 ISU CS SYS Lumiere Cup 2022
Personal Best Score Short Program 59.63 14.01.2022 ISU CS SYS Lumiere Cup 2022
Personal Best Score Free Skating 106.85 15.01.2022 ISU CS SYS Lumiere Cup 2022
14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22
World Championship                
World Juniors                
National Championship                
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
Zagreb Snowflakes Trophy 2020, Zagreb 2020 3.J
Lauren Elizabeth ALLENSPACH, Giovanna Marie ARMETTA, Charlotte Cecily CARTER, Caitriona Lennon CURRY, Sydney Joan GILROY, Jessica Lily HAMBURG, Alessandra Katerina IARRICCIO, Isabella Frances IARRICCIO, Catalana M LAHR, Alexandra Madeleine ORLINSKY, Jenna Shaye REYNOLDS, Gabriella Rose RODEK, Sophie Yanhuan RYAN, Sarai Olivia SEALY, Caroline Irma STOHRER, Brianna Ellen TSIMERMAN, Jessica WANG, Mengdie Melody XU, Ava Jikay YIP, Vivian Yangyang ZHAO
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