Ice Dance
Date of birth: 03.11.1992
Place of birth: Madrid
Height: 160 cm
Home town: Madrid (ESP), Moscow (RUS)
Profession: Athlete and Student
Hobbies: yoga, music, art, reading
Start sk. / Club: 2001 / SAD Majadahonda Madrid
Internet / Social Media contact: @SaraSobreHielo
Internet / Social Media contact (Couple): @SaraSobreHielo , @Kirill_khalyavin  
@SaraSobreHielo , @KirillKhalyavin  
Former Partners: Adrian DIAZ
Date of birth: 21.11.1990
Place of birth: Kirov RUS
Height: 177 cm
Home town: Madrid
Profession: athlete
Hobbies: movies, music, reading, games, other sports
Start sk. / Club: 1993 / S.A.D. Majadahonda
Internet / Social Media contact:  
Internet / Social Media contact (Couple): @SaraSobreHielo , @Kirill_khalyavin  
@SaraSobreHielo , @KirillKhalyavin  
Former Partners: Ksenia MONKO
Coach: Alexander Zhulin, Petr Durnev, Dmitri Ionov
Choreographer: Aykhan Shizhin, Alezander Zhulin, Sergei Petukhov
Practice low season: 34 h/week Moscow/RUS
Practice high season: 28 h/week Moscow/RUS
Music Rhythm Dance as of season 2021/2022
Blues: Partition by Beyonce
Hip Hop: Mi Gente (feat. Beyonce) by Beyonce, J Balvin, Willy William 
Music Free Skating / Free Dance as of season 2021/2022
Since I've Been Loving You - Remastered by Led Zeppelin
Starway To Heaven - Remaster by Led Zeppelin
Personal Best Total Score 193.47 19.10.2019 ISU CS Ice Star 2019
Personal Best Score Rhythm Dance 77.03 20.09.2019 ISU CS 27th Nepela Memorial 2019
Personal Best Score Free Dance 117.39 19.10.2019 ISU CS Ice Star 2019
14/15 15/16 16/17 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22
Olympic Games       12         
World Champ. 14(1)/8(2)        12    11   
European Champ. 5(1)/10(2)    13  8  7  7     
Four Continents                
World Juniors                
National Champ. 1.S(1)/2.S(2)    1.S  2.S  1.S  2.S     
S=Senior; J=Junior; N=Novice
(1): Sara HURTADO / Adrian DIAZ (ESP), (2): Ksenia MONKO / Kirill KHALIAVIN (RUS)
International Competition Year Place International Competition Year Place
ISU CS Lombardia Trophy 2018, Bergamo 2018 3. ISU CS Ice Star 2019, Minsk 2019 1.
ISU GP Helsinki 2018, Helsinki 2018 4. ISU GP Skate Canada International 2019, Kelowna, BC 2019 5.
ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2018, Moscow 2018 2. ISU GP Rostelecom Cup 2019, Moscow 2019 3.
ISU CS 27th Nepela Memorial 2019, Bratislava 2019 2. ISU CS Lombardia Trophy 2021, Bergamo 2021 3.
Hurtado/Khaliavin teamed up in spring 2016. They are the first Spanish Ice Dance team to win a Grand Prix medal (silver at 2018 Rostelecom Cup). He is the 2011 World Junior Champion with former partner Ksenia Monko, competing for Russia. He got married to Monko in May 2017. Their son Demian was born in October 2020. Hurtado and former partner Adria Diaz became the first ice dancers to represent Spain at the Olympic Winter Games (in 2014). Coach Alexander Zhulin is the 1994 Olympic silver medalist, competing for Russia.
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