Junior Pairs - Free Skating
Result Details (REVISION)
  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Wenjing SUI / Cong HANCHN109.7760.73
2Narumi TAKAHASHI / Mervin TRANJPN97.6950.49
3Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOVRUS91.0947.69 44.405.705.305.605.605.551.00#16
4Yue ZHANG / Lei WANGCHN90.9648.48 42.485.555.155.305.405.150.00#5
5Tatiana NOVIK / Mikhail KUZNETSOVRUS90.2547.53 42.725.405.155.305.405.450.00#10
6Britney SIMPSON / Nathan MILLERUSA85.5044.94 42.565.505.105.305.455.252.00#14
7Brittany JONES / Kurtis GASKELLCAN85.2944.65 40.645.304.855.
8Margaret PURDY / Michael MARINAROCAN84.0545.41 38.644.954.604.904.854.850.00#8
9Felicia ZHANG / Taylor TOTHUSA79.5141.15 39.365.154.704.905.004.851.00#11
10Juliana GURDZHI / Alexander VOELLERGER77.2042.56 34.644.554.054.454.354.250.00#4
11Klara KADLECOVA / Petr BIDARCZE72.8938.17 34.724.504.154.454.354.250.00#1
12Kaleigh HOLE / Adam JOHNSONCAN72.6439.28 37.364.954.504.604.754.554.00#7
13Brynn CARMAN / AJ REISSUSA71.4238.06 35.364.604.254.404.454.402.00#2
14Anna SILAEVA / Artur MINCHUKRUS71.3437.10 36.244.804.354.454.704.352.00#6
15Anna KHNYCHENKOVA / Mark MAGYARHUN55.6026.20 30.404.103.703.753.853.601.00#3
Note: Due to a wrong entry the pair - Xiaoyu Yu / Yang Jin - from China, placed originally 8th in the final result, had to be deleted. In the corrected versions of each result of segment and Final each of the lower placed couples will move up accordingly. Due to the deletion of the pair Xiaoyu Yu / Yang Jin from China, which was originally qualified for the final Free Skating, only 15 pairs will be listed for the final result as having skated the Free Program.
TSSTotal Segment Score
TESTechnical Element Score
PCSProgram Component Score
SSSkating Skills
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